crazy week!!!!

Crazy Week!!!!! In May's Soul

*********Buy two and get three*******
From 25th march until 1st April.

--- The price of free product will be equal or less than the cheapest product you buy.
--- Products must be purchased in store, not in marketplace or vendors.
--- No valid items of 30L saturday.
--- Products must be purchased between the days of the event.
--- The free item must be for the same avatar who made the purchase.
--- You must complete the Crazy week note after purchase and send to May Tolsen.


Bath girl for Gorean Room

New item for Gorean Room, with 2 camisk, backpack, belt, band leg and bracelets for only 50L

Spring is coming

Cassey for Gorean Room

New ítem in Gorean Room event!!!!

Cassey... complet outfit with boots and face tattoo for only 50L