This week is a great week for Una & Luas and May's soul.
We completed a year as designers and we want to celebrate with our customers that have always been faithful.

That's why we organized this hunt that begins on October 25 and ends Oct. 31.

6 muffins we've hidden the shops and the gardens that surround them. Each muffin contains a gift.

We hope you enjoy this hunting.

mary love

I love this suit and the truth is that it has been very successful.
Neko has a touch and is perfect for outlaw. I like it because it leaves the typical skirt. It also has fantastic detail to give a touch more "chic."

This suit, found in 2 colors

more flowers....

I love flowers, so I made this version of the well known jam sac but this time with flowers, many flowers.

Hope you like it and enjoy it like me.

sewing set, cute for rp

I did this set thinking people who have a rp a seamstress.

The set is composed of a backpack and a belt. Every attention to detail typical of this profession and the requisite touch May's Soul

kaya panther

Nice suit for Panther, you can combine with a belt or skirt.
The texture is chosen with great care and detail.
With this suit will be a real amazon girl.

Kisses!!!! May****

sexy monique

This beautiful dress can be for bondmaid or for outlaw.

You can combine as you like and have amazing details.

I hope you enjoy


pets collection

I want present my new creation: The interactive pets.

It is a pet backpacks inside, touching the pet backpack rests on your shoulder.
Besides the pet when in the shoulder, if you touch your speech.
It's a little hard to describe, so it is best that you try demos.
Please read the note for use the bag into de demo.
Soon I'll add new pets to the colection as a squirrel, a frog, a bird ...

You can find this next to the door, outside the shop.
Kisses: May*****

emma outlaw

Special accessories for make your rp more funny. All the complement has a cute details.

I like a lot this outfit, it has a cute belt and has 2 camisk for make more sexy.
You can find this model in 3 colors for only 250 L.
Jam tattoo is including.

bond in the kitchen

Emma for winter

Special outfit for winter, with boots, socks, band leg, bracelets.
Only for 200 L.

Reiky panher

gemma panther

Sexy and fun. With this costume you can make some fantastic rp. It takes two belts and a tattoo of injury, is perfect to combine.

This outfit for only 295 L

Girl in the garden