Tender for the winter

Sweet, sweet sweet ...
With this model will be kajira always wanted to be fresh for your master.
It is a wool sweater with accessories and flowers to give a romantic touch.
This beautiful set is complemented by a broken socks and boots.
This suit, found in two colors for only 200 L

purity, for kajira and panthers too

I like this dress because it can be used by panthera and kajiras.
This dress has a sweet camisk, accompanied by beautiful accessories such as boots or belt.
The boots have a voodoo doll that has sound and dialogue.
This beautiful dress is in two colors and only costs 200 L

Mohicana girl in the camp

This new model is designed for those Panthers, who want a more savage and warlike look.
The suit has different combinations and attention to detail.
It also comes with a fun introduction into the boot.
If you touch the boot that has the voodoo doll will get a doll to dress.
This doll to dress is placed on the hand and when you touch it says fun phrases and makes a sound.

This outfit only for 295 L

May Tolsen

Susi come to the chain

This suit is perfect for kajira, sweet and very nice additions to give a unique touch to your avi.

Susi is available in two colors and features an adorable bag that will make your dress more fun.Incorporates a beautiful boots and skirt.

Do not let lose this nice set for only 200L

Pepe Rabbit

This fun bag is Pepe the rabbit.
This is a fun cage that interacts with its owner.
If you touch the cage Pepe says a sentence and laughs with his peculiar smile.
Pepe says up to 8 different phrases.

This item can be used both by panthers like slaves and I'm sure that will make your rp more fun.

This bag only for 100 L


boho for the summer

I love these models, I like their colors because they remind me of summer.Enjoy a refreshing camisk and combine it with a spectacular skirt an extra top.The set is complemented by a heater, band leg and a very funny sleeves.
Boho, found in two colors for only 295 L each.

Rune Outlaw

Rune outlaw is a creation with futuristic touches.
This sleek black model can be combined with two shirts. Also include skirted version and the version with pants and belt.
The dress is complemented with nice boots and a strap to give it a look more warlike.

As always, just 350 L

Who said that an outlaw is not sexy?

Bandit girl

This suit is perfect for those girls who make a outlaw rp.

Beautiful dress inspired by bandits.
With this costume you will have the option to go with skirt or pants, always perfect and ready to take your bow.

The dress is complemented with boots and a wonderful belt, caring, as always, the last detail.
Also features a beautiful scarf to add the finishing touch to bandit

bond in the snow

This model belongs to the snow collection.

Beautiful slave suit in 3 colors.
The jacket and boots have sheepskin leather belt decorated with bags and gloves.
The textures are soft and cuddly and are designed to make your very sexy kajira

Make your rp a little more winter :)
This item only 250 L

Panther in the snow

This model belongs to the collection snow.
It is made to the last detail and is complemented by a backpack.
The texture mimics a skin comfortable and also includes sheepskin in the boots and skirt.
As a bonus that has two types of skirt to best match your style.
Enjoy this item only for 295 L