Savage Hair!!!!

YES!!!!! May's Soul has hairs!!!! well, one hair for the moment... jejeejeje, but I'm working very hard this days and soon more styles!!!

This hair is perfect for have a savage look and only for 99 L. Every color has 2 tones.

Girl collector

New outfit for girls panther.
This suit has two skirts and irresistible accessories like a belt with vegetable sac or the cute cuff legs.

cute for outlaw girl

I love this outfit especially the detail of the straps! is fun and as always, down to thelast detail, also has a touch of winter with boots and fur scarf!!

Dancer girl, only for sexy girl

This outfit is only for sexy girl, it has a face piercing and bell sound when you walk. All the jewell are included. :) if you want to impress your master this silk is perfect!!!!

Males arrives to May's Soul

complements for the winter

panthers in the forest

pacth girl

I like this outfit because is special for winter, sexy and cute...

iIt can be for kajira or outlaw!!!!

Outlaw forever

sexys kajirae