Need the snow

New item for Gorean Room for only 50L!!!

with cute boots, belt, socks, swater & cookie.

Can be sexy bond for very cheap price!!!

Live in the forest

I like the winter

The cute girls

gifts for halloween

Special gift in Tentacio by May's Soul... new shop, new style!!!

backpacks and fun!!!


Special item for gorean room!!!

free girl in the forest

love colors

Gorean room is running!!!!

Flour Girl aviable in Gorean Room for only 70L

Do you like Fantasy & Gorean costumes?
Do you want to spend little money and still have a perfect look?

GOREAN ROOM is your event!!

Every 15 days the best fantasy & gorean designers will place their creations in one room with very affordable prices. Clothes for boys and girls, hairs, accesories, weapons and other fun stuff from your favourite creators will be available for as little as 50 - 70 L$. And you can get them all with a single teleport!!

The products at the Gorean Room will change every 15 days, so don´t forget to visit the room often if you don´t want to miss the new sales.

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Teleport here and meet this new event:

Happy shopping!.


New stuff for only 100L, I think is a nice price!!!!

Luce mi sol

love shapes and more!!!

mis chicas!!!!

Sexi silks with skirt or belt for only 200L

Destrucción.... es mi nombre!

happy summer