discount items

accessories the best thing for be cut

i like fishing

Nice outfit with cute belt and fishing rod.

Can be for panther or kajira for only 200 L

outlaw girls

nani bond

Desert girl

GRRRRRR!!!!!!! outfit for panther girl, sexy, cute, savage and with all the details: Top, skirt, piercing, collar, cloak, hood, band leg, bracelets flower and boots.

And the best...... 295L

more complements!!!!

Paty bond

Do you want to be sexy? This outfit is perfect, it has skirt and belt, top or nipple chain and all that you need for make crazy your master.


funky girl

Sweet and cute..... funky girls is special for outlaw girls. Look the details like the collar or the belt. All the outfit for only 250 L.

Vanya for winter

Special outfit for te winter. Vanya is perfect because has a cute fur jacket that you can wear with or without furs!!!!
Only for 250 L

Spicy girl

Nice outfit for panther girl with jacket, skirt, belt, top, bottom, band leg and boots.

All for only 295 L

chopsuey boy

Chopsuey now for males too.

Enjoy this fantastic outfit with all the details, boots are icluded, for only 295 L

chopsuey girl

New outfit for outlaw in 3 colors. Look the cute bag with the hamster :)
Also, you can wear with jacket or without it. i hope you like it

freya bondmaid

Do you want to be a sexy bondmaid?

This is your outfit!!!! cute, sexy and with multiple combinations, for only 250 L.

Boots are included.