Snake harness at Gorean Room

New round at Gorean Room and you can find this jewelry harness original mesh, perfect for kajiras, slave or free women if wear with clothes :)
Hope you like it ^^

Holiday bazaar 25l

Mesh cape in 3 sizes with optional horns. Perfect for bond, panther or outlaw :)

My gacha item for only 25l :)

Winter is coming!!!!

30l Gacha fair is open!!!!! and May's Soul participates with this cute accessories :) all original mesh. Come and play for only 30l, of course is trans so you can gift to your firends

The fantasy collective is open

Here my item for the Fantasy Collective, special necklace and headpice inspired by the elves :)
Is original mesh and you can find gold and silver

Elven belt at Gorean Room

Another round at Gorean Room this time is elven time :) with this cute belt, original mesh, perfect for kajiras, outlaws.... It comes in Bronze color

Always in your chain at Gorean Room

New round at Gorean Room and new original mesh by May's Soul. Chain collar.

25l Tuesday halloween

New item for only 25l today ^^. Original mesh chain for May's Soul in 4 colors

fall news

 Exclusive item at Sanhain fair. Unisex hood in 3 sizes. Rigged mesh

New at Gorean Room, rigged cape in 5 sizes and alpha layer :)

Triomf harness at Gorean Room

Chest harness for free women or bonds. This is an original mesh by May's Soul

Fantasy gacha Carnival is open!!!!!

Fantastic shoulders with 2 versions rares. Al the items are trans :). And remember this is an original mesh by May's Soul.
Go to Fantasy Gacha Carnival, you can find fantastic items!!!!

calixto at 25l Tuesday

This s my new item for 25l Tuesday, super sexy belt and pussy jewelry. Original mesh by May's Soul

30l Saturday, special weekend

For this round I've made this scarf, original mesh, and can be perfect for bond, panther or free women :)

25l Tuesday

My items for this round :D
Blossom belt perfect for bond or panther and Immoe chain face, original mesh, for a great look

Totomba mask

My item at Gorean Room, horns not included (kaos white horns at May's Soul store)

30L RFL Faire in Memory of Aaliyah Imari. 

My items at 30L RFL Faire in Memory of Aaliyah Imari. 
The horns cost only 70L and all the money is donate for this org, so please help us :)

New fantasy items

New round at Gorean Room. Mesh non rigged crow in 2 colors for only 70L

New round at Perfect Wardrobe with fantasy item.

30l Saturday

Today in 30l Saturday this cute accessorie.
Is original mesh, you can mod and the strap is optional with color change :)

Hope you like it ^^

My deer cloak

This weekend My deer cloak at half price for 30l Saturday.
Is a Original mesh for May's soul with 3 sizes :)

Chain Necklace at Gorean Room

Delicate and sensual chain. Original non rigged mesh :)

Fantasy Carnival Gacha

Soon at Fantasy Carnival Gacha, dragon accessorie Mod and Trans. 50l every play :)

25l Tuesday, kitty girl

New outfit for 25l Tuesday, kitty girl with top mesh, alpha layer, belt, bottom, necklace and cuff legs. Perfect for bond or panther, also you can use the pices for outlaw outfit :)

Gipsy at Gorean Room

Mesh camisk with sheer option, necklace and bracelets :)

25l Tuesday!!!!

Divine outfit with mesh dress (4 sizes with alpha layer) top and head band

Mesh non rigges legwarmers in 6 colors

25l Tuesday

Pixie outfit can be perfect for panther or kajira, with mesh top, mesh skirt, tattoo, bracelets and band leg.

Ona fur scarf is a original pice hand made with color script change, so you can have 8 colors for choose.

25l tuesday

New backpack for 25l Tuesday, cute and perfect for make rp :)

Fur skirt at Gorean Room

mesh skirt (7 sizes) and non rigged mesh belt. 2 colors at the same pack, perfect for panther, bond or outlaw

25l Tuesday

New outfit with mesh pants, mesh vest, top, necklace and cuff arms. Perfect for outlaw or kajira.

Summer Sale at May's Soul

Summer sale at May's Soul.... outfits for 75l and 50l :)

30L Fair

Mesh necklace and earring

Complet outfit with: mesh camisk, cuff legs, vest, bracelets and headband

Gorean Room and G&R Designs

G&R designs is a new shop for quality full perms. If you looking for fantasy templates Mirshea set can be perfect.
With armour chest (rigged mesh in 5 sizes) and non rigged cuff arms.
This is an exclusive ítem so only 15 copies.
Soon more ítems!!! if you have any idea plese send notecard to Lovemesh Resident with your idea or pic

New outfit at Gorean Room with rigged chest, non rigged cuffs, rigged skirt, belt and bottom. Can be perfect for outlaw or bond :)

Summer girl at Gorean Room

New outfit at Gorean Room with mesh top, mesh skirt, mesh legwarmers, mesh armwarmers, belt and headband. :) Perfect for panther or kajira

Forest legwarmers at Gorean Room

This is my new item for Gorean Room. And I'm very happy because it's my first riggind mesh. It is  legwarmers in 5 sizes and two colors in the same pack, for only 70L.

For a few months I'm learning to make my own mesh, with the idea of ​​not using many templates and give a look more original.
But the  priced is ... I can not do news so often, because working on my own mesh spent a lot of time. But I am very happy to see the turn things are taking.
Also, great news soon ... My teacher to rl will join May's Soul and Tentacio, he is a very good mesh designer  and will work together to create unique pieces. I am very excited about this new stage ... I hope you like the new line.

Atenea Jewelry at Gorean Room

New item at Gorean Room, Atenea Jewelrt with necklace and earring. All are nin rigged mesh product, so you can mod.
This is a original handmade by May's Soul.

25l Tuesday

                                Mesh pants (5 sizes and alpha) with bandleg
                             Necklace and feather earring, mesh non rigged.

25l Tuesday!!!!!! can be apache or delicate :)

Feather collar and bracelets, mesh non rigged.

Mesh dress in 5 sizes and alpha layer, necklace and legwarmers.

Merchant set at 25l Tuesday

Mesh pants (5 sizes) and belt with bag and chest.

Queen of the damned at Gorean Room

New round at gorean Room and you can find this crown in 2 colors with necklace for only 70L
mesh non rigged so you can mod