25l Tuesday halloween

New item for only 25l today ^^. Original mesh chain for May's Soul in 4 colors

fall news

 Exclusive item at Sanhain fair. Unisex hood in 3 sizes. Rigged mesh

New at Gorean Room, rigged cape in 5 sizes and alpha layer :)

Triomf harness at Gorean Room

Chest harness for free women or bonds. This is an original mesh by May's Soul

Fantasy gacha Carnival is open!!!!!

Fantastic shoulders with 2 versions rares. Al the items are trans :). And remember this is an original mesh by May's Soul.
Go to Fantasy Gacha Carnival, you can find fantastic items!!!!

calixto at 25l Tuesday

This s my new item for 25l Tuesday, super sexy belt and pussy jewelry. Original mesh by May's Soul