Fantasy Carnival Gacha

Soon at Fantasy Carnival Gacha, dragon accessorie Mod and Trans. 50l every play :)

25l Tuesday, kitty girl

New outfit for 25l Tuesday, kitty girl with top mesh, alpha layer, belt, bottom, necklace and cuff legs. Perfect for bond or panther, also you can use the pices for outlaw outfit :)

Gipsy at Gorean Room

Mesh camisk with sheer option, necklace and bracelets :)

25l Tuesday!!!!

Divine outfit with mesh dress (4 sizes with alpha layer) top and head band

Mesh non rigges legwarmers in 6 colors

25l Tuesday

Pixie outfit can be perfect for panther or kajira, with mesh top, mesh skirt, tattoo, bracelets and band leg.

Ona fur scarf is a original pice hand made with color script change, so you can have 8 colors for choose.

25l tuesday

New backpack for 25l Tuesday, cute and perfect for make rp :)

Fur skirt at Gorean Room

mesh skirt (7 sizes) and non rigged mesh belt. 2 colors at the same pack, perfect for panther, bond or outlaw